December 29, 2010

About Nino Tatunashvili

Presents Nino Tatunashvili

Dear readers,

First, we would like to thank all participants for nominations and making “Making a difference any time any place” initiative such an enjoyable journey for us. We are excited to introduce these wonderful individuals to you, one at a time.

After much consideration, out first candidate will be NINO TATUNASHVILI. Born in the city of Kaspi, to creative minded parents, Nino moved to Russia along with her family in 1994. She currently resides in Moscow and will be graduating from the State University this year.

She is an active member of an association of Georgians in Russia, which strives for culture preservation, aid, unification of the community and development.

Nino has published a memoir “letters of an Immigrant” in 2008 based on her diary both in Georgian and Russian. The book addresses her experiences in her new homeland and nostalgia towards her birthplace. The “letters of an Immigrant” was thereafter shot in motion picture and drew full film halls with Nino in lead role. She was also the force behind the project “Georgian’s in Russia in XV-XIX cc”, which was produced in 2009 under the guidance from senior advisor to the Georgian Embassy of Russia.

When asked about her opinion of the Abkhazian/Ossetian conflicts, she answered: “I’m not on the side of any political party; I’m on the side of peace”. We chose Nino because her involvement, motivation and we would like to introduce her to you. As speculated before, we will be choosing 5 questions from our readers. Write us if there is something you would like to ask Nino.

Again, we really encourage you to keep nominating and suggesting, we love to hear from you. Here is the list of nominees so far, who would you like to be the next? Let us know!

Stay tuned for the interview which is to be released January 2011!

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Interview with Georgia Times:

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